Uses of AC Power Adapters for Laptops and Notebooks

ac power adapter

AC Power Adapters are electronic devices that generate specific direct currents from the mains through an Alternate Current (AC). Although the adapter is a power supply; however, it is popularly named as an AC Power Adapter by every power adapter manufacturer.

Laptops alongside other portable devices use Direct Current (DC) and this also applies to rechargeable batteries with power laptops. Further, direct current contains a constant unidirectional flow of electric charge and goes from low to high potential.

Connecting laptops to AC power supplies is dangerous due to the uneven magnitude and the current’s direction, which can pose threat to internal components to fail and fire can occur.

Every AC adapter carries out the below-mentioned steps to generate the correct voltage and current to power up or charge your laptop battery:

  • Converts the main voltage to a lower level voltage 
  • Converts the AC to a DC voltage via a process known as rectification
  • Clears voltage ripple
  • Converts the existing to the required voltage to charge the laptop

The other name attributed to AC Power Adapter is battery or laptop battery charger. Apart from the name, this is a crucial device that offers you mobility and always frees you from using the power cord. You can check the products section to find the best laptop Power Adapter for your usage.

Airplane and Car Power Adapters

This is a specific design of power adapters that accept DC input and output required to charge a laptop. Instead of a wall socket with a standard plug, these power adapters have a particular cable that you can plug in the cigarette lighter.

These adapters need 12V DC supplied via the cigarette lighter socket, which is then converted to offer a different DC voltage. Car power adapters can be used in other vehicles too with similar sockets including trucks, vans, and even boats. Airplane adapters work exactly the same way.

Universal Laptop Power Adapters

Usable with a majority of mains power supplies globally, a universal power supply or power adapter can accept input voltages ranging between 100 – 240 V with a frequency range of 50 – 60Hz. These power adapters are massively universal products; however, the terminology ‘universal’ also applies to a wide range of laptops. 

Notebooks or laptops are built to different specifications while the power consumption differs accordingly. Physical characteristics also vary between laptops as they are not restricted to the power socket.

Every universal power adapter manufacturer supplies diverse connecting tips, allowing the power adapter to be connected to different laptops. The connecting tips aid the power adapter in detecting the right voltage to supply the laptop.

Last Word

Cars and airplanes can also use universal power adapters. Offered with varying plugs to fit in a vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket or the in-seat adapter (for airplanes), such power adapters allow users to be mobile for massive distances.  

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